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Equifax Data Breach: The facts and what to do

  Wanted to  share a good article that was sent to me by Lauren Thompson at LeaderOne … [Read more...]

2016 Local Real Estate market review

          The Greater Albuquerque Association of … [Read more...]

Curious what 1% change in interest rate does to your buying power?

Do you know the power of 1% How a 1% increase in interest rates can reduce your buying … [Read more...]

7 reasons to get pre-approved for a mortgage and not just prequalified

1) A pre-approval will tell you how much you qualify for on a new home loan. This helps you and your … [Read more...]

Home loans for independent contractors or commissioned employees

How do you qualify for a loan if you are an independent contractor or commissioned employee?  … [Read more...]

2015 Real Estate Market Recap for the Greater Albuquerque area

The stats are out recapping 2015 Real Estate market for the Greater Albuquerque area! In 2015 the … [Read more...]

VA Loans- Who qualifies? What are the benefits of obtaining a VA loan?

  Calling All Veterans and Active Duty Service members! If you are a veteran or an active … [Read more...]

Reverse Mortgages(mortgage company pays owner monthly)

     Reverse mortgages have the benefits for people over 62 to free up monthly … [Read more...]

Aluminum wiring in your home

Here is some good information on Aluminum wiring in your home provided to me by Levi Carrejo at Duke … [Read more...]

Tips for a smooth loan approval “DO NOT….”

Tips for a Smooth Loan Approval If you want to help ensure that your loan closes easily and on … [Read more...]

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