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Organization 101: Your Guide to a Decluttered and Organized Home

I grabbed these tips from a news letter that i received from Aaron Thompson of Legacy Mortgage. … [Read more...]

2016 Local Real Estate market review

          The Greater Albuquerque Association of … [Read more...]

Do solar panels add to the appraised value of my home?

I get this question asked of me more and ┬ámore recently. "We are thinking of installing solar panels … [Read more...]

2015 Real Estate Market Recap for the Greater Albuquerque area

The stats are out recapping 2015 Real Estate market for the Greater Albuquerque area! In 2015 the … [Read more...]

Welcome Home Magazine!

 The latest welcome home magazine just came out.  17,000 copies picked up every … [Read more...]

Property booklets and feature cards

  I hang property feature cards around your home to highlight best features or features … [Read more...]

Newest Welcome Home Magazine

SELLERS: Your home will be published for sale in this magazine every issue until it sells if you … [Read more...]

Rules for flipping houses

What is "Flipping a House"? Flipping a house is when someone buys a home, makes repairs then turns … [Read more...]

“If we can’t sell it we will rent it”

Well, I have heard this time and time again but here is some criteria when trying to rent your … [Read more...]

Does your Real Estate Agent have an internet strategy?

Is your Realtor using the Internet to his or her advantage? Or is your real estate agent old school, … [Read more...]

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