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Equifax Data Breach: The facts and what to do

  Wanted to  share a good article that was sent to me by Lauren Thompson at LeaderOne … [Read more...]

Charitable Ways to give back on Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a list of eight charitable ways to spread the love to those who need it most this Valentine’s … [Read more...]

Organization 101: Your Guide to a Decluttered and Organized Home

I grabbed these tips from a news letter that i received from Aaron Thompson of Legacy Mortgage. … [Read more...]

PNM Home Works Program- energy saving guide

   This week Ashley came home with this box from school. The 5th graders at her school (Osuna … [Read more...]

Green 101 (Trivia)

  I attended another class on "going green" and thought I would share some interesting … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Carpet Cleaning

This was my first time using Marcos and he did a great job at a reasonable price! … [Read more...]

Tankless water heaters

A tankless water heater never runs out of hot water. Instead of the traditional tank, the heater is … [Read more...]

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