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Important Phone Numbers


PNM Electric Company 505-246-5700 ***Make sure to ask for a transfer of service. Disconnecting and reconnecting may incur additional charges

NM Gas Company 1-888-664-2726 ***Make sure to ask for a transfer of service. Disconnecting and reconnecting may incur additional charges

Qwest Communications 800-244-1111 Phone Service

Albuquerque Water Department 505-768-2800 Water, Sewer & garbage service. These services run with the property and are not tied to a person. Just ask for transfer of billing address. This bill is prorated at closing

New Mexico Utilities 505-898-2661 Water & Sewer Service in Paradise Hills area

Rio Rancho Water & Waste Department 505-891-5020 Water & Sewer only

Waste Management Company 505-892-1200 Garbage collection in Rio Rancho, Village of Los Ranchos and areas with in Paradise Hills, Corrales, South Valley Albuquerque, East Mountains and Valencia County

Sandia Heights Services 505-857-8924 Water, sewer, refuse service, security patrol and home owners association for Sandia Heights and Primrose Point

Entranosa Water Co-op 505-281-8700 One of the water services with in the east mountain area

NM Water Sedrvices 505-864-2218 Portions of Valencia County

City of Los Lunas Water Dept. 505-839-3831



Joe Lebron, General Inspectors 505-261-0351 Full home inspections, Visual structural inspections & radon inspections

Brent’s Termite 505-907-3539 Termite and dry rot inspector. Also mitigates

Rob Arce Advanced Pest Solutions 505-899-1274 Termite and dry rot inspector. Also Mitigates

Arnie w/ TLC Plumbing 505-362-6693 Camera duct and sewer line inspections. Also does sewer line clean out



New Mexico Locking System- Robert Wood 505-832-9740 Home & Auto


Carpet Cleaners

Rocky Mountain Carpet Cleaners  505-577-6528



Bulls Eye Construction services 505-203-0127 Bob Dreyer General Contractor

City of Albuquerque Flood Zones- Rudy Rael, CE (505) 924-3977

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